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When my wife saw my cousins weight loss on Facebook, summer 2020, I never imagined that would be the beginning of a life changing journey. We were not going to let the pandemic, working virtually, put on any more extra pounds! We got more information and said "Yes! Let's do this!" Slim Masters started out as a way just to lose weight". Never did I realize how much of a life style change it would become. My wife and I joined the 12 week program and under the guidance of Coach Mike immediately saw results. The scale with body measurement numbers kept us honest! The monthly calls with other Slim Masters families were very encouraging as we shared our success and occasional struggles. Through it all I lost 38 lbs!! I did not expect to lose that much weight. Friends, family and colleagues all noticed the change. I feel great!! More energy and flexibility. Increased confidence. The lessons learned on the program have allowed me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am grateful for having taking the Slim Masters journey, and trust me you'll be grateful too!

Lamont R.
Huntsville, AL


I am so glad I made the decision to commit to Mike P. at Slim Masters three months ago. I turned 50 and had some borderline bad blood results. I knew that losing weight would change those blood results to my healthy self. No matter what I did, I could not lose weight. I started working with Mike P. who helped me change my bad eating habits, and switch to foods that would correct these issues. He helped me lose 10 lbs the first month by regularly communicating with me, asking what I was eating, and supporting me with his words. I am so thankful to Mike P. and his commitment to keeping me accountable towards meeting my goal. I highly recommend this program.

Stacy Tanaka
Substitute teacher & mom 
Chatsworth, CA


I joined the 12 weeks program with Slim Masters. I started 145.8 lbs and I reached my goal of 135 lbs in less than 6 weeks. After 12 weeks I’m still able to maintain my weight. I’m very happy because I can wear my clothes better. My clothes are all loose now. My feet don’t hurt anymore. My friend told me that I look really good now. Thank you to my coach Mike and the program for helping me. If anyone is trying to lose weight and shred some fat I highly recommend this program. I didn’t just lose weight but I learned how to eat healthy.

Daisy K.
Brea, CA


I joined the 12 week program and it was incredible to see the results. Even though I wasn't as strict in my program, I lost 10 pounds. In the first week, I really wanted to give up the program but I motivated myself to achieve my goal. The best part of this program is the coaching. I learned how to eat better. The coach was always there to encourage me through the program. Slim Masters is the best weight loss program I’ve ever had in my life. I highly recommend this program for everybody who is interested in improving his or her health.

Moss S.
Columbia, IL


I am very impressed with the program. It’s simple with quick results. Although my objective is to stay healthy and not so much as losing weight. The Slim Masters program certainly helped me to achieve my goal. It helped me to develop my new eating habit to be healthier. Mike is very attentive and knowledgeable. Definitely, he is an excellent coach who helps his clients with sincerity.

Watt Santatiwat
Retired Executive

Glendora, CA


Thank you Mike for bringing me into this program. It's alway motivating and gets great results. I lost 11 pounds in 4 weeks and feel better. I'm looking forward to losing 10 more pounds. I hope that inspires everyone to try. Thanks again.

Wanlee Odett
Spa Owner
El Segundo, CA


Great program and awesome coach! I liked that you could eat "real" food. Program was easy. 39.5 lbs in 16 weeks of program."

Sarita Lopez
Development Coordinator

Lynwood, CA


Slim Masters really works!! I have just finished the 12 week Slim Masters program and have reached my goal. I have lost 20 lbs.! The program has also alleviated the pain and inflammation of medical conditions. My success is also due to the excellent coaching I have received from Mike. If you want to feel good and look good, I highly recommend Slim Masters and Coach Mike."

Susannah Castro
Moorpark, CA


Slim Masters works! I lost 53 pounds in 24 weeks. In March 2020, my cousin posted a social media message stating he had lost 30.4 pounds since January 2020. A couple of months, after seeing my cousin’s message, I contacted him and asked how he lost the weight. At that moment, my cousin put me in contact with Coach Mike P. From there, as they say, it was history. Almost everyone wants to lose weight at some point in their life - for one reason or another. Slim Masters is definitely a weight loss solution that you should try. Slim Masters encourages you to adhere to a lifestyle that is guaranteed to improve your nutrition and health. I continue to practice the Slim Masters philosophy.

Cybersecurity Program Manager

Upper Marlboro, MD


Greetings, My name is CCWilliams and I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I would like to share with you my experience with a life changing program, Slim Masters. Once I joined this program I quickly learned that my whole approach to eating healthy and losing weight was all wrong. I was introduced to a program that was easy and coupled with tremendous support from several coaches. During my 12 week program, I learned about nutritional labels on food packaging and what to avoid with my food choices. Thanks to the Slim Masters Program and MasterMikeP guidances I’ve lost 35 lbs. I am grateful for this program and the Slim Masters Family.

Cynthia Williams

Atlanta, GA


Thank you Mike and the Slim Masters program for motivating, guiding and empowering me. I never thought that I would be able to lose 36 pounds in less than 4 months. Again thank you for your endless care and support!!! I feel energetic and no more acid reflux since I stopped eating greasy food. All in all I feel very healthy and very happy.

Haimanot T.


Thankful for Mike and his program! Did the 12 week program and was able to lose 21 lbs! The most effective part of this journey was understanding what should be inputted into our body! I’ve been more conscious of the type of food I have been consuming. I have also grown confidence in achieving health goals! Never thought I would be able to do it, but I did!  I also supplement the plan with healthy exercise !  My cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI, and overall health improved since starting the program!  💪🤓"

Dr. Mark Landig, O.D., F.A.A.O. 
Division of Cataract & Refractive Surgery

Los Angeles, CA


Thank you to my coach Mike , I lost 11 pounds in 3 months. I am so happy. The program makes my life more convenient and healthier. I feel much lighter than before. My clothes size changed from M to S. I used to exercise a lot before but didn't get any result. My coach really cares about my goal and my result. If I can do it anyone can do it.

Boonthing S.
Restaurant Owner
Brentwood, CA


If you are looking for a great weight loss program, join the Slim Masters program. You will get an effective result. I joined the 2 months program and I love it. It is easy to do, no need to skip any meal and get more knowledge about nutrition from my coach Mike. After completing the program, you will feel more energetic and healthier.

Priscilla N
San Gabriel, CA


Such a great program, I lost 10 pounds in my first 2 weeks and continue losing weight.

Sriwan Metzger
Restaurant Owner

Mesa, AZ


I am very happy that I found SLIM MASTERS! Mike is very friendly and he help me throughout my weight loss journey. I am now very happy, healthy and feel much more confident about myself.

Marc Jacob Gutierrez
Los Angeles, CA


I started this program a few years ago with my coach Mike. Mike was very consistent and encouraging towards me to lose weight. We would do weigh-ins every Friday to see the progress, which motivated me to do better the next week. I gained a new perspective on nutrition and how to lose weight on my own. The Slim Masters  program was a great experience for me.

Johana Reyes
Lancaster, CA


I enrolled in the 8 week program and Master Mike was my coach. Mike was there for me with every step of the way and kept me accountable in the program and helped me change my viewpoint on what I consume and how much. Within the 8 week program I arrived at my goal of 168 lbs from 182 lbs. The program acted as a catalyst in my new outlook in approaching "dieting".

Daniel L.
Porter Ranch, CA


I am so excited to share my feelings about Slim Masters. Let me tell you guys that it was the best decision of my life to choose this program. I had a C-Section in October 2019, and I gained a lot of weight. I was worried about my appearance and then one day I found out about Slim Masters on TikTok. My life has totally changed. My weight was 182 lbs before I joined this program and now 12 weeks later I’m now at 141.4 lbs. I’m so happy and grateful that I found this program and I highly recommend this program for anybody who is thinking about losing weight out there. This is the best program and it is so easy. If I can do it, anyone can do it too.

Syeda Bano
Sacramento, CA


I joined the 12 week program and I lost 14 pounds in ten weeks. The program is helping me change my eating behavior. The program is very easy to do and Mike is helping to look at the food I eat. I would recommend this program to anyone.

Kongkaew Erikson
San Francisco, CA


I joined this program along with my wife in early 2020 after being introduced to it by Mike.  Though neither of us have joined a weight-loss program before, my wife was particularly interested in the program after Mike said that she could lose weight without the need for exercise.  We both went ahead with the 3 month program.  There are certainly challenges in following the program (especially after the first few weeks), but what helps is the coaching and accountability that Mike offers as part of the program.  Mike uses a messaging app, where everybody who is participating on the program shares pictures of the meals that they have eaten with each other.  The benefits of this group should not be overlooked.  It was cool to have a community of people, all striving toward a similar goal, sharing their food ideas and encouragement with each other.  Mike would also jump in with feedback about certain meals to make sure that they met his standards.  My wife and I both lost about 20 lbs by the end of it.  Over a month later, we haven't gained any of it back either, if anything, we have continued to lose some weight due to lifestyle changes that Mike has helped us learn.  Thanks Mike!

Thomas Shewmake
Valencia, CA


Slim Masters has an easy to follow diet plan, frequent status checks, plenty of support from coaches and fellow participants, and overall everything you need to be successful. If you are serious about your weight loss goals and journey towards health, achieving your goal is well within reach. I feel lighter, stronger and more importantly healthier. My overall cholesterol decreased by 49 points and my A1C went from PreDiabetic to within normal range. Slim Masters is a great program and one you should strongly consider.

Barbara R.
Registered Nurse
Reseda, CA


I joined the 8 week program and was amazed to see the results. Even though I wasn't as strict in my program, I lost 9 pounds. I was stuck in my current weight for many years. The best part of this program is the coaching. I learned how to eat better and the coach is always there to remind you that you can do it.

Stephanie Mendoza
Surgical Technologist
Los Angeles, CA


Today is my final day with the Slim Masters program. I lost 28.2 lbs in 12 weeks. I wanted to be healthier and that was the reason why I joined this program. Besides being healthier now I feel better, I have more energy and I look better than before. Thank you so much for the experience that I had in joining this program. Thank you to my coach Master Mike for his encouragement. This program is great and easy. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to be healthier, look better and feel better like me.

Song Sakul
Registered Nurse
North Hollywood, CA


I lost 13.4 lbs in 6 weeks. I’m so fortunate and lucky to have Mike as my coach because he’s so conscientious and dedicated to help me. My pants size is 2 inches smaller from 10 to 8. I feel much lighter now. At first I didn’t believe that it would have worked for me but it really works. I started at 145 lbs and now down to 132 lbs. If you follow the program and the coach, you will reach your goals. I love the accountability that Slim Masters gives me. This program is easy to follow. If I can do it everybody can do it too.

Lourdes Carag
Retired Registered Nurse
Porter Ranch, CA


Excelente programa! Ha cambio mi vida, se los recomiendo! En 10 semanas bajé 16 libras y mi coach siempre me ha apoyado y enseñado cómo uno va progresando. Mi esposo también ha perdido peso. Estamos contentos porque nuestras vidas han cambiado mucho, sobre todo en la salud. Le agradezco a Mike!

Rosalia Bautista
Lancaster, CA


It really works! I've tried many different programs, except this. Lost 12 lbs within 3 months (given that I was 112 lbs before). Give it a try, you'll be happier and  healthier.

Kieu Do
San Jose, CA


My experience with the 8 weeks Slim Masters program was educational, supporting and rewarding. Mike P.'s presentation of this program is excellent. I was informed about good nutrition for my body and healthy eating habits. His coaching is gentle but firm. Along with the group meetings and other administrators my concerns were shared and solutions found. I was cheered on and encouraged throughout the program. I'm able to wear my wedding ring after 2 years. I'm now able to wear my wedding reception dress from 14 years ago. Lastly the weight loss is still amazing to me. I am very happy that I made the commitment to be apart of the Slim Masters Program.

Angelena L.
Fayetteville GA

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