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  • What is the new Slim Masters Program?
    The new Slim Masters Program is a leading nutrition consultancy in North America, driving the aspirations and goals of individuals to lose weight, eat well, and stay healthy. Over the years, we have been successfully helping our valued clients with evidence-based, professional, and practical food nutrition solutions that are in line with their wellness goals. We take a “food-first” approach and integrate with effective lifestyle changes that help deliver natural, safe, and long-lasting results. Through our comprehensive wellness and dietetics programs, we educate our clients on healthy nutrients, assist in fun and subtle dietary changes, and inspire emotional wellbeing to deliver a more rewarding lifestyle. Learn how we have helped people make fulfilling transformations, leading a healthy life now. Get started to your journey to weight loss and wellness today click here.
  • What type of people is the new Slim Masters Program suitable for?
    The new Slim Masters Program is suitable for people of all ages, all ethnicities, and all body types. Whether you are looking to drop a few pounds for an upcoming event, get the body you've always dreamed of, or simply improve your health - Slim Masters will work for you. The entire diet is based on years of research and testing and has proven to work for people of all sizes and fitness levels around the globe.
  • How much does the Slim Masters program cost?
    Since every person is different, it depends on your individual needs and goals. We have different programs and our prices are so competitive that you will actually be surprised at how affordable they really are. We also have flexible payment options available. Schedule a free consultation call today and find out for yourself by clicking here.
  • How much weight can I lose on the new Slim Masters Program?
    On average, people who undertake the new Slim Masters Program and stick to it lose at least 10 pounds of pure body fat over the course of 8 weeks. Some users are even able to lose as much as 50 pounds from the diet (in 12 weeks). It all depends on how much effort you put into the diet. But don't worry, we are here to help you throughout the entire journey and provide you with everything you need to reach your goals. You can also continue the diet beyond the 12 weeks to lose even more weight! It's really up to you!
  • Won't the weight just come back?
    One of the cornerstones of the new Slim Masters Program is The 3 Pound Rule which ensures that the weight you have lost, stays lost forever. It works like this: Once The Slim Masters Program is complete or once you have reached your target weight, you will continue to weigh yourself everyday (upon waking, after urination, before your first meal). If at any time the scale reads 3 pounds or more than your target weight, you immediately begin Phase #1 of The Slim Masters Program until that weight is back to your target weight (usually 1-2 days is all it takes).
  • Can the new Slim Masters Program be followed by vegetarians and vegans?
    Absolutely! The new Slim Masters Program has plenty of food options for vegetarians and vegans - so you can lose just as much weight as meat-eaters. Just make sure to mention this on your call.
  • Are there any restriction on the program?
    None at all. We have general guidelines that we recommend but you run your own race. How strict you want to be is totally up to you.
  • Do I have to buy expensive food or supplements to follow the program?
    All the foods and supplements recommended in the new Slim Masters Program are not expensive and can be found at your local supermarket or online. In fact, you will most likely save money by following the new Slim Masters Program since every meal is set out for you in the exact quantities according to your measurements - with no leftover waste! Everybody is different depends on your need and what your coach recommends.
  • Is this a detox diet or a liquid-only diet?
    Not at all! The new Slim Masters Program involves real foods that taste great and pack a fat-burning punch and diet shakes to help get you through the day! There are no special weight loss teas, detox juices, or anything like that. Just good wholesome food!
  • Is there a lot of exercise involved with this program?
    The workouts are very minimal and not a requirement if you want to lose weight with the new Slim Masters Program. They help accelerate the process, but you can still lose just as much weight by solely focusing on your diet. If you choose to do them, they are very light and not strenuous. A gym membership is not required.
  • How can I start the new Slim Masters Program?
    Just click on the “Schedule My Free Call” button below and you will be able to choose a time and date for your personal consultation. Click here
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