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Slim Masters Alumni Online Health & Wellness Coaching Program


Who is eligible? 

Slim Masters alumni ONLY: Slim Masters customer who has finished at least 1 program. 


- Health & wellness group coaching
- Nutrition and body composition monitoring (smart scale required) check the resources tab for the recommended scale
- Initial virtual onboarding call
- Exclusive access to Slim Masters eating guideline
- Exclusive access to premium food supplement products (food supplements are not included)
- Periodic nutrition & plan updates*
- 24/7 customer support via email & instant messaging*

This is an online coaching program. Everything will be conducted Virtually.

*Client is responsible for using services and resources provided. Supplements, any form of coaching, and periodic updates are provided at the sole discretion of Provider.

*ONLY Slim Masters ALUMNI may purchase this package.


This enrollment fee is for services we provide therefore services are nonrefundable

Slim Masters Alumni Online Coaching Program

  • This is an online coaching program and everything will be conducted online.

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